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One Group

espressoDECK 1 group coffee machine front
espressoDECK 1 group coffee machine right
espressoDECK 1 group coffee machine back
espressoDECK 1 group coffee machine left
espressoDECK 1 group coffee machine full front
espressoDECK 1 group coffee machine close up

espressoDECK Recessed Espresso Coffee Machine

“The one group espressoDECK is excellent for smaller establishments. It works well in pubs, restaurants and in mobile coffee carts. Despite being a commercial-grade machine, it has also been installed in homes and offices. It looks great on a kitchen island or incorporated in a stand-alone coffee corner allowing for a minimalist look with uncompromising quality and style.”

Jason Marks

The espressoDECK is a commercial-grade espresso machine, available in 1, 2 and 3 group head versions and all are suitable for the most demanding environments. Its traditional E61 group head, optimal boiler size and large heating element ensure consistent espresso and abundant steam.

The espressoDECK adds a whole new dimension to the coffee-making process for both the barista and the customer, by enhancing the visual experience and providing a more engaging and welcoming espresso bar. If you are looking for a way to secure a point of difference, then espressoDECK offers the leading edge in style, simplicity and quality.

This simple drop-in installation and ergonomic design allow for very easy access for service. All components have been selected and are of the highest quality, making for a most reliable and consistent espresso machine. espressoDECK will definitely be a trusted partner to your project.

Architects, designers and builders using Autodesk and looking to incorporate espressoDECK in their projects can contact us to gain access to our 3D Revit files.

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  • One unit device and easy to install.
  • Heavy-duty 3mm thick 304 stainless steel body.
  • Option of finishes, original polished stainless steel, electroplated finishes or custom powder coated colours.
  • Efficient element power to water volume allowing rapid steam recovery.
  • Abundant steam pressure with two steam wands on the 2 and 3 group versions.
  • Portion control hot water tap on 2 and 3 group versions.
  • One steam wand and one manual hot water tap on the 1 group version.
  • External commercial pump and motor for quiet and smooth operation.
  • User-friendly programming via the onboard microprocessor and LED touchpad.
  • Programmable electronic pre-infusion option.
  • E61 group head with volumetric control.
  • Consistent temperature utilising the natural E61 thermosyphonic system.
  • High group heads for larger takeaway cups.
  • Extra deep porta filters for the larger coffee baskets.
  • Ergonomic any direction flick valves.
  • Cup heating area with rail.
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1 group head specs

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